The 6 MOST Attractive Beard Styles Women Love

I was reading a very interesting study the other day done in 2016 serving over 8,000 women now all these women were shown different pictures of guys with different levels of facial hair, different styles.

now what they found was that short stubble was always deemed the most attractive while full beards were appealing to women looking for a long-term relationship, in other words, different strokes for different folks with clean-shaven faces they never get the girl today I'm gonna show you the top six different facial hair styles usually try at least once in your life that's scientifically women just love.


let's hop in number one obvious stubble almost any guy can Rock the stubble and it's even better for guys that have a patchy beard or can't grow a full beard because keeping it nice and low can actually make it look like you have more hair or make it look a little bit fuller and reduce those obvious patches this is exactly why that out of every beard style time and time again women found this one to be the most attractive and out of the 8,000 women surveyed they said that stubble on guys they thought that these guys are more so better for short term flings and one-night stands I don't know exactly why they say that I guess you're just gonna look so attractive there I'll automatically assume you're a player.

the medium beard

this is perfect for the guy that wants to look and feel of that full size lumberjack beard but your work or your girl just don't allow it now here's the crazy part out of the 8,000 women surveyed they said that guys with full beards were more appealing for full long-term relationships since both beards are found to signal status age and dominance so to get this hairstyle don't think you're gonna get rid of your razors just yet because a key aspect of the study is that there's a clear difference in your beard between looking like a bum and looking super attractive and that's that guys actually took care of it which means you're still gonna need your razor this is why the Dollar Shave Club always comes in clutch because I always use my executive razor to clean on my cheeks my neck area and line up my beard every time I do so about once a week or two week what's great about Dollar Shave Club executive razor is that it has six blades so it makes it very easy when you're in a rush to just quickly go through all your stubble and not having stuck or getting a lot of ingrown hairs or Nick's or cuts so you're able to clean up big areas like your neck and your cheek and like literally seconds and then when you edge out your beard you just flip it around on the back of that razor there's a precision blade that blade is perfect to line up your beard and give it structure and make it look nice and tidy so women find it attractive.

after that you just grab your trimmer put on a long clip guard usually somewhere around ten millimeters and that way you can even your beard out and remove any uneven hairs that are sticking out and that's it you have a medium-sized beard that actually looks attractive and that's why I'm telling you don't get rid of your razors instead you should be signing up to the Dollar Shave Club they're the ones that are gonna keep you attractive but better yet you gotta understand that the Dollar Shave Club doesn't just do shaving products anymore they pretty much have almost all the grooming products that you're gonna need to look handsome and as you guys know the Dollar Shave Club makes grooming easy for guys because they deliver it straight to your door so you don't even have to go to the store anymore they automatically keep you stocked up so you never run out and you can choose your delivery frequency so you can get what you need whenever you need it and just so you can see how amazing the Dollar Shave Club is obviously you don't want to commit just yet you need to see how good the products are I feel you I would be the same way so the Dollar Shave Club has a pretty crazy offer right now if you click the link below for only five bucks you get to choose one of their three trial kits their oral their shave or their shower kit plus free shipping and you're gonna get some of their top best selling products just so you can see how amazing that Dollar Shave Club products are.

full-on beard

the third beard style women find attractive of course is the full-on beard you see both beards are very interesting because in many of the studies that I was reading it was pretty much equivalent to masculinity in women's mind in other words for some reason the longer the beard the more masculine a woman perceives you which makes sense because you need to be jacked up on testosterone to be able to grow something as majestic as this out of all the beards these rated the highest for social maturity also for parenting ability I guess because it signals a lot of wisdom and overall being more masculine and aggressive than any other facial style.

beard stache

number four the beard stache out of all the beard hairstyles I'm actually really digging this one and I'm kind of considering you're trying myself let me know down below what you think this infamous facial style consists of a thick mustache and then a sinner closely tight beard but my thought process is if we're already bringing back the 80s and 90s trends why not give this a shot and stand out from the crowd.

the goatee beard

number five the goatee beard this one was made popular by Leonardo DiCaprio and the truth is is that if you have it severely patchy cheeks this could be a great alternative for you however personally I think if you're under 20 you might want to avoid it not because it looks bad but more so because it looks a little bit too mature which is gonna make you look a little bit older or out of place.

the faded beard

finally, number six the faded beard probably the most modern and youthful way to rock a beard and 2018 since it's currently a trend and this one's actually pretty interesting basically a faded beard is you have a full-on beard but your barber skin fades your beard into the top of your hairline and then it looks even cooler if you have a skin fate and your hairstyle so basically a gradient way to flow from your beard to the top of your hair and it looks pretty sick.

guys, I hope you enjoyed it those are the top six beard styles that I definitely think you should try and women love.

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