Beard Tips for Beginners

so they say with a weak foundation you'll end in ruins and today we're going to go over the basics so an introduction to people who don't know them and to revisit to anybody who has already been growing and had a beard for a while this will really kind of reinforce your foundation and get you the best beard that you can.

okay so for the first thing I want to talk about is growing your beard and the process of growing it and you know there's a few things about this that I kind of want to touch on and the first is just growing it to to get as much length out of your face as you can and if you wanted to get a really long beard the first thing to keep in mind is:

stop trimming it 

well I hear about it all the time people are like hey I keep trimming my beard but I wanted to go long but I don't like how it looks in the middle well, unfortunately, that's just kind of how it works like it's like when you grow long hair there's there's awkward in-between phases and if you're trimming it you're never gonna get there so the thing is you just have to deal with these bad phases it just doesn't work the way you want it to now yes you can trim say like every 2 or 3 months and just do a clean up but not like a trim and reshape it's just kind of like part of the process and it's just a little bit better but not always great you just kind of have to bear with it and stop trimming.

and if you have a beard in mind that you you really want and your hair is growing in the direction that you want it to again I just like to think about it like you have to get the material to build with and then you trim it kind of like if you're growing a hedge like you let it get wild so that when you cut it the shortest pieces are where you want it you know like you don't try to push it and force it you just let it go and then you clean it up right real tight and it looks perfect and I think that to get a beard that you really are happy with generally speaking from scratch I'd say six months you can get your beard looking good in two months well maybe three but to get though what you're kind of looking for usually takes about six months.


second thing is I highly discourage using any shampoo or conditioner that is made for your head hair and scalp ,your scalp and your face are totally different skin types and the hair as well you don't want to be treating it like back and forth you need something a lot more gentle for your face and far less chemicals beardbrand does sell a wash if you're interested in that and it's great smells divine it's great if you don't have access to this or can't afford it I do recommend a natural soap over any kind of shampoo and wash I just think it treats the hair and the skin a lot better because it's more gentle again I really don't think chemicals are the way to go of any sort so when you're washing it also keep in mind you don't have to wash it every single day that can cause irritation to the skin and hair can dry out so you want to just rinse it on those in-between days and you know I rent I wash my beard every like two two days maybe so day skip skip day and I mean it's I found that that works for me you might be different again everybody's skin is different and also as your diet changes and as you age your skin changes as well so you might have to change it up it's not a concrete thing it's it's kind of its conditioning it's it's really just taking care of it and that that takes attention so again with shampoo and washing just be gentle that's the way to put it.

oils and treatments

I think this is one of my favorite parts of having a beard is putting the beard oil in and having that aspect of everything when you do you want to put about a dime-size into your hand rub it through your hands and spread it out and put it into your beard but you want to aim to get it into your skin you want to put it through your beard and trying to get to the skin and treat your skin as well as the hair now in addition to all of this beard oil doesn't necessarily grow your hair faster it helps your hair be healthier and the healthier that you are and your hair is the better the growth process so if you really want to try to grow your hair faster you want to be healthier drink more water exercise and so on and use beard oil or balm or something like that to really really care for it and again like I was saying wash it gently it's just kind of something you want to just take care of and pay attention to and it smells awesome it smells so good.


the fourth thing is styling of the beard and I think that a lot of people misunderstand that if they just grow a beard it's gonna look good or they're gonna look cool or whatever they want to do and that's unfortunately not always the case you actually have to style it in a way that works for your face and your proportions and everything like that there's a little bit more to it than just having a beard a couple things that you might want to consider aside from watching a bunch of the videos is just kind of pay attention you have to brush it you have to comb it one of the other you know some people like brushes some people like combs but you have to take care of it brush it or comb it use a hairdryer hairdryer is one of the best things to shape it once you start to learn how to use that and fix the problem areas too with a hairdryer that's gonna step up your game so much find pictures of beards that you like that are similar styles a hair type as yours and try to see what you can do to get close to that and you might learn from that whether you can or can't do something it's a long process it changes your tastes may change I used to really love a really long beard I used to kind of down to like almost collarbone a little bit but that's not my thing right now I kind of like it in this middle part I used to like it really short only like four months ago your taste will change your style will evolve it's just kind of this flowing thing so just have fun with it don't really stress out about all this stuff but it does require some attention if I get out of bed and I don't do anything I just look like crap just you know your beard looks like crap unless you take care of it so just it's just how it goes so I really stress putting a little bit of attention into brushing and combing styling shaping trimming.


this kind of comes up with a lot of people pull their beard and Stroke it and touch it and lean on it and they just do these things to it that are just really damaging in the long run and it can break hairs it can make them fall out you really want to be careful of treating it like it's made of stone like it isn't you have to kind of be a little if you really want it to be the best you want to treat it a little bit better I don't know why people touch it I've never had that issue but like just leave it alone that's kind of the best way to treat it also stop putting chemicals in it I hear people like putting Cologne in their beard and I'm like that is that is so bad for your like putting alcohol on hairs just it doesn't make any sense use beard oil that smells better than alcohol by far and it just takes care of it so that's kind of like just don't don't be dumb.

okay so I have a couple bonus things I want to talk about they're not necessarily as superficial as those but I think it's worth sharing and the first one is:

don't compare your beard to others  

and I think that's a big discouraging aspect a lot of people do and I've done it myself it's noticing a beard of some or on somebody or a best picture of yourself and thinking that's how it should be and that's how it can be it it's not always the case like you have your own beard and it sometimes is good and sometimes it's bad it is yours your hair is different your face is different everything is different from this other person so you really really want to focus on your own growth and make your own growth the best instead of trying to imitate or do something if somebody else's are always trying to be at your top game because even if you had a good beard day and yeah it's just not gonna look like that every day but you might learn something from that and step it up again and you just kind of keep leveling it up but again don't compare to others I think that's a huge thing.

eating is a challenge

lastly is eating I've mentioned quite a bit and it's definitely a factor especially in the beginning of growing a beard, yeah it sucks it's annoying as hell and it's a mess but after some time you get really good at it and you get used to using like chopsticks silverware using a straw all the time these things just kind of become part of your life and you just don't even think about it or at least I don't anymore just I eat how I eat I I know that if I'm gonna eat like hot wings she's gonna be a mess so I just get a bunch of napkins like and I don't really think about it I just it's just kind of how the way it is and I just deal and go on I don't really kind of then it gets a little funny at first but now it's just like it's not even anything I don't consider it at all it's just I napkins and I just clean up I actually keep a little bandana in my pocket most of the time that I use all the time so I always have something.

so yeah that's about it and I'd love to hear what you guys have to say if I missed anything throw it in the comments and until next time peace.

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