The Best Way to Grow a Full Beard

one of the questions that comes at my videos quite often that I want to address today is how long does it take to grow a beard like that and sometimes this question can be somewhat perplexing for me to answer because it depends on which video you're watching.

anybody who's seen a number of my videos will know that I changed my beard style quite often I like change I like mixing it up a little bit when I have it long I want to short when I have it short I want it long I want a different shape so I want to try different things and so, therefore, it really depends on which a video you're referring to it's pretty easy to tell by the questions that you have but most time I have to take a guess at it because it's just a matter of looking back and knowing that I didn't necessarily start from the very beginning with the kind of beard that you're looking at those videos so I'll give you kind of a good baseline for how you can proceed depending on which kind of beard you'd like.

now if my standard answer for this would be if your regardless of where you're at you want to shoot for if you're if you're talking about with starting from a clean-shaven face you don't want to start looking at like a four to six month window depending on how long you want it now people who've seen my video on how to trim it v-shaped beard that should be pretty easy to do within a couple of months for the most part maybe two and a half months maybe three months depending on what length you want it but the length I have it in that video I would say is about a two two and a half month beard and then the one where you have what the one the video I have where you grow up it's about how trim a medium size beard I would say you're looking at maybe three to four months depending and everybody's hair everybody's beard grows at a different rate so it's very difficult to say but the questions really come from a place of a variance within the viewers themselves because because of that very reason the hair grows different on different people's faces some people have patchy beards some people just have a different kind of texture some people have very curly beard some have a more a more straight beard and so they're asking questions from that perspective and so I have to do my best in giving you an answer but I would have to say that the best course of action to take regardless of what kind of beer do you want was is shoot for four to six months and the reason why is at at four to six months you have enough to work with you have enough to start cutting back and and making adjustments and that's what you want you need to have enough the problem is with most guys is they're not patient they're not patient to wait long enough for the patches and their beard to be covered over by hair above it and or around it and they're also not patient enough to get past the itchy phase I've never personally had an itchy phase but I know a lot of guys do that should generally phase itself out within a month now also they're not they're not willing to wait long enough for the beard to to get long enough to cut back because quite frankly it can be unattractive only unattractive to you though because what happens is you have an idea or ideal beard in your head and you want to look like that you want to look sharp all the time and because the beard you see in your face in the mirror is not the the image you have in your mind you think you've got to do something about it you think you've got to fix it you've got to trim it back the problem with that is you can't trim your way to a longer beard now I am growing my beard out right now and I'm my intention is to grow it longer like I've had it before and I'm I kind of have I know what I need to do along the way to make it look sharp but at the same time I'm gonna have to go through some phases where it's not as attractive as I'd like it to be but you have to be willing to to ride that out to get through that and it just takes some patience and it takes a little bit of of maintenance and I don't mean maintenance with a trimmer I'm just simply I simply mean maintenance with products but you you have to you have to be willing to give it some time you can't trim your way there and you need to you need to think about what you're gonna put in your beard in the meantime instead of just let it be scraggly dry and unkempt so there you have it now the reason why I say for six months also is because depending on the length that you want it now I had when I first started growing my beard out longer I my intention was to grow a year which is a year long beard without and cutting I got to six months and realized that I think I want to do some trimming now because it was just getting long enough to where I wasn't sure I wanted to go any longer it does that for me was changing the way I look too much and I was really anxious to do something with it anyway a year long beard would have been too long for me as it was so it's six months I went and got trimmed I actually found a guy on YouTube his name is Matt gifted hands and he's out of land of lakes Florida I went to him man he made my beard look immaculate so at the six-month mark was perfect for me with a longer beard and if you don't think you can have a longer beer at that point you might be mistaken you might be misjudging miscalculating that but at least at the at the four to six month mark you have enough there to trim back to a to a nice shape that you're going to want you're gonna want to find a nice barber you're gonna want to find some good beer tutorials whatever it is you want to do you use you need to have enough to cut back to make adjustments so that if you make mistakes you still have something to work with and and also if you're starting from a clean shaven face work toward a month goal before you do anything if you have to use trimmers if you just cannot resist the urge at don't touch it for one month for one month and then if you've achieved that goal ask yourself if you can go for two months so two months out you should notice a nice full beard even if you have patches in your beard hair will start to grow over those patches and start start covering for some of that now I have it's very Remy I people don't think I have patches in my beard I actually do just that mine happen to be under my chin right under here but I just let it keep growing and nobody knows the difference and so you know you're gonna have places in your beard where it grows all wiggity wack all wonky and it looks like it's growing in a different direction look it's gonna look like you have more hair at one place and then the other and you probably really don't you might just have dense your growth at that point you might have more hair follicles but the hair of mine's to be growing in different directions and so it appears that it's it's it's either more hair or you need you just gonna have to do something with it but I guarantee you that if you wait that you'll be pleased if you do a month-by-month goal set a goal every month to go one more month and by the time you've reached a third month you're gonna be even happier a fourth month you'll see that you're glad that you didn't take trimmers or scissors to it because it's gonna start straightening itself out a little bit month my fifth and sixth month is when the hair starts to get starts to get heavy enough long enough to straighten itself out a little bit but not completely but that's a good time to start trimming in the meantime what you're going to want to do is you don't want to use beard oils beard balms good conditioners good beard washes and make sure that you keep that in it because that will make a huge difference if your hair looks healthy if it feels healthy and it smells sublime you'll be motivated to keep going the problem with the problem with a lot of guys is they don't want to put anything in it so the beard gets dry it gets itchy it looks scraggly it kind of goes all over the place and they think well this doesn't look good anyway I'm going to eat it cut it off or I'm gonna way back and then they end up regretting it I promise you you'll end up regretting maybe do that if if what you had in mind to begin with was something a little bit longer whatever the length is you're thinking of so if you put beard products in if you put some oil in it'll keep the itching down to a to a dull roar it'll also keep the hair soft it'll treat the skin and if you use beard balm it'll help manage it and keep it somewhat shaped depending on how well your how much wax your beard balm actually has in it and then um if you use the proper beard washes that goes a long ways - there's a lot of there's a lot of different beard washes out there at the market and some of them are better than others and then um you know always keep a good beard come on you now.

I you know if you've seen my previous videos on on beards you're gonna know that I am an affiliate for our dias man and I'm an affiliate with them unapologetically because their products are just really really good they're just high yeah top notch beard oils and so I often talk about this bay rum beard balm they run beard oil on here quite a bit and it smells terrific I'm also trying out there their sample this new beard oil called resolution it's really good too they they don't have any beard oils that are not good there are some that I prefer prefer more than others just because my own personal tastes and everybody too has their own separate personal tastes but um they're all really really good and they even have great beard balms this one's bay rum I also have I also have another scent in there too for some reason it's escaping me at the moment so should be the simplest thing in the world remember but then they also have beard and mustache waxes comes in a little bit smaller ten and everything they have is just top-notch all the reason I bring it up is because if you use the promo code that I have it's greg 20 if you go there their website into that code you'll get 20% off on all their products which brings the total down quite a bit and you can also get free beard samples make sure you ask and choir about that and order that you have over $50 in the US is free shipping so that's also a plus you need to really look into those so there you have it they pretty much have everything they even have brushes like this this artis man brush great brush and nice combs and conditioners shampoos they pretty much have everything.

so I would check them out already here now just to reiterate to answer the question how long does it take you to grow a beard like that give it four to six months because that's where the sweet spot is at and growing a beard to a length that's workable trimmable and one that's gonna make you happy you have to take care of your face garden but you have to give it time it's like anything else she plants in the ground you have to give it time to lay in the soil to do its work for nature to do its work and in the meantime you have your in to do to which is putting the proper things and your beard to make it look good to make it look healthy and to make it smell great and hopefully these tips have helped and if you have any further questions about anything regarding your beard and mine, in particular, feel free to ask away and I will do my best alright guys have a good one catch you later.

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