How to Trim Your Beard at Home

Today I'm just going to show you our three might beard at home and today I'm actually going a little bit short is I've got a few things blender requires a shorter beard and I received this amazing product right on time and we're happy to collaborate with these guys for this article

you can get online on Brio for life calm the quality on these are amazing I'm just going to show you a few of the features on these look how not noticeably quiet disease that's so quiet impersonal trimmers also you can change the speed that you cut how cool is that the blade is made of ceramic and it's much stronger than stainless steel and super sharp so to help you just cut through those hairs without pulling I like to think this is like a camera this bit here so it's like you can change the aperture so on this part here you can actually change the guard well it's not the guard you can change out the blade how many millimeters you want is got from 19 to 16 and 13 millimeters down right down to 10 so you can adjust this is perfect for like stubble as you can adjust the length of the stubble almost you're going to take off if you want to go right near to the skin or if you want to leave it a bit longer.

so this is perfect to that the two things I'm going to use for my beard trim are obviously the Clippers a cone and that's pretty much it with the trimmers comes a couple of guards and the guards are actually you got 12 millimeter a nine millimeter in one so what you do is just turn it to each one you want and just apply and also got a six and three millimeter so this is perfect to almost every be obviously not big beards but a beard like mine so I'm going to start with the 12 millimeter and I'm going to leave it on 19 millimeters as well full speed and let's go as I was saying so I need to get my beard a little bit shorter so I'm going to do is I'm actually going all the my beard is now got a full a good length here so I'm going to going down so it takes the bulk a little bit I wanted to instead of being so bulky I wanted to go a bit closer to the skin without losing much lengthier so I'm just going to go down against the girth of the hair as you can hear wait and see it's not taking much Oh.

by staking the bulk into wispy hairs so I start with the sides first and I go down so yeah I start with the sides first and then keep going down on gray so I'm going now to the other side which is hard for me to see and again the same thing I can't use my left hander okay now I can Wow and try to keep it straight like that when you hit your face just like so so as you can hear is taking that bulk and you get my message you out of the way.

the reason why I'm going like that and not touching the middle yet is because sometimes my hair grows a lot more ear and he catches up with you so if you looked at their bulky here he's it looks good but this time I want to take a bit of the length here so all has to go through something against and God really don't want to take my storage sort of so take these corners ooh so this bit here is soft touching actually my chin so as I go like so this bit touch is my chin and then this bill just goes down it gives you the right angle to keep the same shape of your beard if you have a beard of these links but I'm just going down and down I'm actually going a little bit shorter I'm just showing you if you want to keep some sort of length how to do it and then just follow the guide you did and I love these quickly so if I wanted to keep this length of the beard I think it's quite cool I would probably just now take a little bit of these poke you know just go again the girl to sharpen it up this is without taking much you know he's just shopping out and keep that shape.

and voila that's how I shape my beard at home when I keep these links obviously if I you can always go around a bit more here I'll just take the guard off and choose how open do I want the trimmers to be so I'm going to go with the 19 for now 5 for 19 and kind of forget it I don't want to create a hole here so and I'd like to leave it a bit natural around you so it doesn't create a hole in here if I wanted to leave my beard this length which is being the length of my beard for quite some time and lately this is perfect the shape is nice sharp and I would leave it like that but like I said I wanted to go a bit shorter so the procedure is very much the same I change the guard to a smaller guard I'm going with a six millimeter nine millimeter and I'm going to do exactly the same thing I'm just going to take this bulk a little bit actually liking this I don't even want to go and you further down about left - I think so here we go same thing again I just want it to be a little bit short to lose that bulk on the side that's all.

I'm going round I've got the shape you right so now I'm just going to check to see if hazel sharp and leveled the way I want it so I'll give you a cone free with a mustache I like it dirty so I like my mustache long and messy so I'm not going to touch it with the cheeks usually I get them to down here and the reason why I'm not shaving my cheeks is because as if you see my previous videos I get them Freddie I don't like to shave here so I'm leaving that open I'm leaving that that way as I've not added it done in a few weeks so you guys could see it's all natural but I'm quite happy with my beard shape so I lost all the bulk I wanted to lose on here and still able to maintain the same shape and look sharp so I'm not the widow now one thing I need to check yeah here is all levels - and this is still natural no hole well let me show you the results.

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