How to Line Up and Trim Your Beard for Better Jawline

what's up guys welcome back to bug's life I know bugs in here right now but I had some time on my hands and I thought why don't I make an article showing you guys how I make my beard looking from this to that so without further ado let's get right into it.

okay so first you want to grab all your tools we have the trimmer with the guard I use I use Phillips and then grab your razor I use a single blade from Derby so let's begin I'd say my jaw isn't the strongest feature so I want to manipulate my beard so it creates the illusion that it is so before I start lining my beard I'm gonna comb my beard all down I'm gonna trim the hairs on different sections of my beard in different lengths so it gives my jaws of the blue stage I'm gonna set my trimmer to eight and go all over my beard to make it the same length and then I'm gonna start manipulating trim downwards so it makes your beard hairs level okay so now I got equal lines all over you want to map out your beard so it's easier for you to trim later the goal is to keep your sideburn area and below longer than the mid section of your cheek and then what I do for my chin is give it a little length so accentuate smight chin for my job now moving on to my chin I go back to an eight or a seven and for the stache I don't like to have a thick stache so I trim it down to about a six or a five okay now for the fun bit the liner of each part so for your cheek I like to have my beard higher up because when it's lower it makes my cheeks look bigger than they already are you want to make sure you do your beard line up according to your face if you have a thin face with a strong jaw you can rock the chin strap but if you got a chubby face like me then the chin straps not the way to go so I have an imaginary line and guide it from this useless piece of cartilage on your ear to your mouth for my stache I don't like it connecting up to my nose because I feel like it doesn't make me look as clean what I do is I guide my trimmer from the middle of my upper lip and angle it so it goes straight down to the end of my lip damn whoa you must be wondering why I'm a creep well I wanted to introduce you to my girls Nass and T they like to hover over my lips and I think it's time to get rid of them you want to trim my girls just above my lips making sure you don't go too high up now I can smile without looking like a total creep never.

okay now this step is crucial I got neck here is coming down my Adam's apple and it's making me look fat so you want to get rid of them but not all of them you got rid of all of them and they'll show your neck skin even more so you want to get rid of one inch just below your jawbone so instead of making a line down my neck I'm following the structure of my jaw to give it more definition lining up the back neck region your part can be difficult but I'll just follow the natural curve of my neck and that seems to do it also make sure not to charge your trimmer before the video because that's how elite members of the universe do things anyways when you're done using it make sure you clean out your trimmer because if you don't your termo won't cut as well and don't blow into it like an idiot like me because you'll get a mouthful of hair use a q-tip or the bristles that came with the trimmer it cleans a lot better than your mouth now we're gonna start edging it up you can use something as simple as soap to smoothen up your skin I thought using the single blade for the first time in the video would be a smart idea but I was wrong and cut myself multiple times my mistake was that you're supposed to pull on your skin so there is less resistance now I'm done at a man like me is satisfied with my works to finish it off I'll use this oil I don't know how to pronounce the name so I'll call it Gore I apply Gorp all over my beard and make sure to get it down to my roots and why not apply it to my brows cuz my mom always said a thicker brow is it thicker and yeah I think my jaw looks a lot better than what it looked like in the beginning of the video which means my efforts weren't wasted.

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