How To Grow A Beard If You Can't Grow Facial Hair

hey I did it I get it again you're probably sick and tired of every single youtuber every single video that you search telling you on how to grow a beard instantly or if you sleep enough you'll magically wake up with the full thick beard in a few months I get it you're tired you tried it it didn't work it's all baloney it's a lot I think I'd be frustrated too I want to show you and talk to you about six actionable steps that you can do right now that will actually work it's super simple everybody can do them and it will actually appear like you have a thick beard almost instantly here's the catch even if you can't grow one that sounds interesting let's hop into.


you might not like this but hey I'm here to show you all options that actually work it's called Bigen it's pretty much like a hair dye think of it as a sharpie but if you find a good barber shop that applies it to you and knows how to work it this is a very resourceful tool that you can use to make your beard look thicker so even if you have a very light beard or a very light shadow with some Bigen and somebody that knows what they're actually doing it can look very realistic and since it's semi-permanent you can even wash and hop in the shower and it's not gonna smear off like makeup the good part is that it actually looks real even from up close which Rose is on to.


number two you're probably thinking hey Hosea I know I don't want to put a sharpie on my face oh good you want real hair use minoxidil ,minoxidil is only one of two fda-approved medicinal treatments that are scientifically proven to make hair start growing again it's also proved by there's an Institute of Technology if it's worth anything to you because well I've tried it myself and well now we're here now I actually have a pretty evenly balanced beard and I haven't used it in about a year and a half almost two years now home and oxido works is pretty much the same ingredient or the active ingredient that you see in Rogaine what it was intended to do was to regrow your hair, especially on your head now this isn't recommended because this isn't the intended use but I do recommend that you do your own research and look at what other people have done personally work on me the only thing is like I said I would look into it look at the side effects the benefits and the pros but minoxidil it's a proven solution to make facial hair grow like this to.

take care of your facial hair

number three whatever facial hair you have you need to take care of it I think I'll make just like the hair on your head if you don't condition it Shampoo it apply oils apply hair mask use healthy products in it over time the hair on your head starts becoming brittle and weak and super thin well the same thing happens on your beard however when you take care of it your hair's gonna start becoming healthy and becoming thicker which won't visibly look fuller so if you are serious about actually starting growing your hair make sure you start using some sort of beard oil now the one that I personally use is the holy grail by Kingsman beard because this specific beard oil is infused with the jojoba oil jojoba oil is very similar to the sebum that your skin naturally produces which over time ends up making your beard hair thicker thus like I just mentioned it makes it look fuller now the reason why I choose Kingsman beard and why I recommend them to you guys is because on top of that hobo oil that thickens hair naturally and also is infused with other nutritious natural ingredients that are perfect for your beard such as in central oils grapeseed oils sweet almond oil all of which are nutritious for a healthy beard now here's the sucky part there are a very expensive ingredient and what most low-end beard oils do is infuse it with cheap products and that's how they're able to lower the price this is why I prefer Kingsman beard oil and right now since I'm recommending to you guys and they want to make sure they help all of you patchy beard guys or the guys that actually have a beard and just want to make sure it's healthy you're gonna give you another 20% off of that to make sure you have some of the healthiest beard oil out there at an affordable price that any do can pick up but they have an assortment of pure products to ensure all your beard care needs everything from beard shampoo to beard conditioner they also have beard wax and they also have brushes and combs and to make things easier for you guys if you just want to buy a whole kit they have a beard care kit that comes with everything you need to make sure you're taking good care of the beard that you have so it grows thicker and fuller.

hair fiber

the four solution you can do to have a thicker period is using something called hair fiber again this is another solution just like minoxidil that was initially made to solve male pattern baldness the hair fiber is made from a natural ingredient most of the time is something like cotton it looks very similar to hair most the time it comes in a talcum powder style bottle so it's very easy to apply and manage and put into the areas that you think are a little bit thick once you apply it most of these hair fibers come with a sort of sealant that you can put on top that makes it semi-permanent solution to ensure that your beard looks as thick as possible.

take biotin vitamin 

biotin is a water-soluble vitamin from the vitamin B family also known as vitamin H now your body means vitamin H to turn certain nutrients into energy but vitamin H also plays a vital part in the health of your skin of your hair and of your nail you can find various biotin vitamin supplements on Amazon at good reviews and a good price or you can do it the natural way and consume this biotin from the food you eat organ meats like your liver or your kidneys or your egg yolks your nuts or your whole grains all are nutritious and this vitamin H supplements finally

hair transplant

if you want a more permanent solution you didn't get a hair transplant or a beard transplant basically how it works is you go to a doctor they grab hair follicles from the back of your head which is usually when you have where you have most of your hair and then they implant it in any area that's weak or that has patches they can do that on your face the only problem is that it's an expensive solution and it's also a painful one so, in my opinion, I would use this one as a last resort.

guys those are six ways that actually work to make your beard look fuller.

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