How To Fix Your Patchy Beard Fast!

I've always had a really patchy beard and I had a mustache last year and that was perfect but this just doesn't do its thing the easiest thing for a patchy beard would be to shave it off and I know many of you will say that but where's the fun in that.

so I am gonna show you like little a little tip a little trick in order to fill in a patchy beard so I'm gonna use this this is top pick there are other brands available I will link them or find the best prices will be in the description below and but you get these in different colors as a blond one there's a medium brain which is this one a light brown a black one so you will find it but you get these those little separates and then pump on the top just to add in which allows you to direct that these really are made for your hair but you can also use it in this but you can see here mustache is fine then sort of around here is also fine but on to here nothing grows I have been seeing someone switched its alopecia by base so having condition don't care me and then here is patchy some little white hairs.

so I'm gonna get this and I'm literally just going to from quite a distance it's just pump out some of these no no these fibers are made from keratin protein so they are really light and they're just colored also when you're if you are worried about them washing off or if it's going to rain they don't come off you have to really stop cleanse your face and wash your face to take them off so don't be worried about that you also do get stencils with these but I think the best thing to do is just do it by hand if you make any mistakes you can kind of just take off your fingers because you want this to look as natural as possible if you're going to start using a stencils you going to stop hitting on everything is going to be super tight like some sort of barbarian Instagram which I think it's a bit much and the harder you pump the more comes out and see you innocently there and for any sort of white hairs if you've got white hair and a beard you can cover that too and with this I would say guys less is more it is undetectable some people can't see it but if you're going to go overboard you're gonna totally change your face or just little bit and for me just getting it into the sides I'm working with that facial hair that you do see a little mistake there I'm just gonna literally take that off my finger I've tried various things I've tried eyebrow pencils I've tried every fibers but this really is sort of the best run for it and I'm gonna stop before I go overboard but you can see there it definitely looks thicker it looks fuller and for me like these are these are little things that we can do a little tips and tricks to sort of boost your confidence especially if you maybe you're getting married and you want to sort of boost that beard you know there's gonna be pictures taken or you just kind of want to do it day to day but these are options that we have and it's all about sort of making the most of what you have and into the new year I might actually just go with a mustache again I'm not sure sure so am you guys always seem to have an opinion on that so you can let me know in the comments.

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