Beard Advice | What I Wish I Knew Before

If you're new to the beard game or you've been living bearded for years, there are a few pieces of advice I want to give you.

As you start to grow, you'll quickly have some questions that come up. From trimming, to itching, to beard products and so on.

Typically, the first time you do anything is the worst time you do it. So here is a little advice I've learned over the years.

Have Patience & Don't Compare

If you find a beard style and length you like, you're going to be painfully waiting during the awkward stages to get there, and it could take longer than you're expecting.

On average, your beard grows about 1/2 an inch per month. But this is just an average! Your beard could grow faster, or slower! Your beard might really start quickly and slow down then! You should use the 1/2 inch rule as a rough guideline, but know it could take longer to get the look you're going for!

Secondly, don't compare your beard to others. If you see a guy with a beard that is super thick, or super curly, or straight etc. don't wish yours was like that. Rock your beard with which you were blessed and take care of it to make the best of it.

People Love AND Hate Your Beard

One thing you'll notice when you start growing is that some people just don't like beards, and that's ok! You'll have people around you telling you to shave. It could be your mom, grandma, friends, or coworkers. Just brush it off and keep growing. They'll learn to love it!

Line Up Your Beard Early

One easy way to avoid the negative comments is to keep it clean and organized. When you're growing your beard, I recommend lining up your beard in the early stages to keep it organized.

Your Beard Doesn't Always Look Good

Your beard doesn't always look picture perfect. There will be days your beard looks like shit, and that's ok! Don't beat yourself up over it and definitely don't do something rash like shaving!

You Are Your Worst Critic

Piggybacking that your beard won't always be are absolutely your own worst critic! You are staring at your beard 3 inches away from the mirror, nobody else is. Nobody is looking at every hair. So if you find yourself going crazy because an area is thin, or the hairs stick out trust me, nobody even notices.

Beard Products Make All The Difference

You need to be using beard wash instead of regular shampoo or soap. Beard wash is designed for your face and beard, the others are much too harsh and will dry out your face and beard causing damage and slow beard growth.

Beard oil isn't for your's for your skin. It will eliminate beard itch and moisturize your skin so your beard can grow better.

Beard butter will literally change your life! Ok, that's a little bold, but it's seriously amazing It will give you just enough hold to tame the flyaway hairs and keep your beard shaped and looking good all day long!

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