7 Ways YOU Can BOOST Beard Growth (2020 GUIDE)

as in this article we're going to be looking at the top seven solutions for beard growth.

micro needling

micro needling is the use of a simple device to create tiny wounds or micro goons on the surface of the skin these tiny wounds are not deep enough to cause permanent scarring but they're deep enough to stimulate the skin what happens is the skin then rappin's up collagen production regenerates itself and kicks the dormant hair follicles back into action micro needling can be done through various and needle bearing devices that include derma rollers derma pens and derma stamps but by far the most popular device is one of these derma rollers.

derma rollers are made of a plastic handle and a rolling barrel with hundreds of small needles on its surface as you roll the derma roller the needles on the barrel create hundreds of microscopic wounds on the surface of the skin when using a derma roller you want to roll over the same area in different directions to maximize the effect so that means going up and down sideways and diagonally it's important to apply it with sufficient pressure but not so much to cause bleeding if your skin starts to bleed it means you're going too hard ideally you want to be done rolling every seven to ten days to allow your skin sufficient time to be juvenal's you can use it on its own but for even better visuals which you can combine it with castor oil or minoxidil to combine these different treatments apply it the castor oil or minoxidil daily as you normally would but not on the days that you do the micro needling so that means castor oil or minoxidil for seven days the micro needling only on the eighth day then castor oil or minoxidil again for another seven days and so on,now we'll cover minoxidil and castor oil shortly so do stay tuned.

not to use a DHT blocker

guys a tip number two we've got not to use a DHT blocker you probably heard a million times the DHT is responsible for pattern hair loss and that is true well you might not know is that DHT has the opposite effect on the rest of body hair including the beard.

testosterone that reaches the hair follicles on your bed your torso your armpits etc is converted to DHT and the DHT then triggers the follicle to grow out the thick terminal hair without DHT you wouldn't have any beard whatsoever so finasteride or any other DHT blocker won't do anything for your bit how this can happen how DHT can kill the hair on the scalp and at the same time promote hair growth on the rest of the body is actually still a mystery nobody knows for sure now I do feel the need to clarify this because many of the quote beard growth products out there actually contain saw palmetto in their list of ingredients saw palmetto being one of the most popular natural DHT blockers guys to be honest i'm astonished that products like this exist whether it's down to ignorance on the part of the manufacturers or outright deception I honestly don't know I do hope deletes the former but it does kind of make me sad that there's many men out there that'll be spending at their hard-earned money on a product that best-case scenario won't do anything for that beard but guys enough on that the takeaway for you is that even if you have severe male pattern baldness due to DHT sensitivity there is nothing stopping you from attaining a rich thick amazing looking beard.


now when it comes to beard or hansung treatment I think that it's pretty safe to say that nothing comes close to matching minoxidil popularity the number of men on forums on reddit threads websites YouTube channel blogs etc reporting their experience with minoxidil is fairly astonishing now if you think about it it isn't so surprising there were only two fda-approved medications for hair loss in men one of those being finasteride and the other be minoxidil but finasteride is a DHT blocker and as I just mentioned blocking DHT won't do anything for your beard so finasteride is a non-starter which leaves minoxidil as the only option and minoxidil is a generic growth agonist it will stimulate hair growth indiscriminately basically wherever you play it face torso arms legs you name it and this is why you have to be very careful not to let it drip on your face or forehead too much and guys you definitely do not want to be ingesting it either.

now to the best of our knowledge there have been no peer-reviewed studies studying the efficacy of minoxidil for the cosmetic enhancement of beards there have been some studies on patients with alopecia areata of the bed and they were encouraging that being said it's a different animal altogether cosmetic beard enhancement is not a topic the researchers have found interesting or worthwhile enough so there is no hard scientific date to go by but given what we know already about minoxidil and it's hair growth properties it's undeniable arity for use and the number of testimonials posted by users online minoxidil does seem like a pretty safe bet if you want to start using minoxidil on your beard we recommend the foam version for ease of usage.

now opinions amongst users seem to be divided on the frequency of application some suggest you apply it twice daily just like you would on the scalp and others say once a day is enough for the beard given that this is a strong medication that can cause headaches and other side effects our recommendation would be to start using it once daily see how that works and if after 2 to 3 months you haven't seen any results you could always try twice daily.

castor oil

after minoxidil there is probably no other bade Grove treatment as popular is castor oil this is an oil obtained through cold pressing if the castor plant seeds and castor oil is very rich in an acid called ricinoleic acid this interacts with a group of hormone-like substances in our body could prostaglandins.

prostaglandins are very active in hair follicles and intimately related to the hair growth cycle, so castor oil is similar to minoxidil it will basically stimulate hair growth wherever you apply it which is why apart from being used on beards it is a very popular baldness treatment and it's also used by women to enhance the length and density of their eyelashes it's also widely available and is one of the most affordable treatments that you can find and the cost is pretty much next to nothing but unlike minoxidil it essentially has no side effects when applied topically all these properties might make it a very attractive alternative to minoxidil.

so how do you use it you can apply it directly on the beard once daily it's a very rich boil so you might find yourself inadvertently applying too much at least in the beginning until you get the hang of it now you can also take it overlay and some guys do take it overly for male pattern baldness but that is also a different animal altogether and can involve some side effects it's not something that we'd recommend at least not until you've tried the topical root.

essential oils

three of the most popular essential oils for hair growth lavender oil rosemary and peppermint oil the beauty of these oils is that they will not only stimulate the growth of your beard but also leave it feeling and smelling amazing the process essential oils will also:

  • reduce your dryness of the beard prevent dandruff.
  • they can also add volume fight frizz and reduce split ends.

the other advantage is that you can mix them up to derive the formula that works best for you or you can purchase ready-made blends of essential oils formulated specifically for beard growth be careful to dilute the oils prior to use otherwise your skin may become irritated and remember essential oils are fair external use only and should never be ingested and the final word of caution while rare some people will be allergic to some essential oils so do make sure to test each essential oil on a patch of your skin prior to full application.

beard transplant

this kind of procedure is either used to cover up scars or by men who just want a beach a beard and guys believe it or not beard transplants are not actually that rare most clinics offering standard hair transplants will also offer beard transplants so you'll probably be able to find a good clinic near you offering the procedure the principles are the same as with your standard scalp hair transplant you take healthy hair follicles typically from the back or subtitle area of the scalp and you transplant them one by one onto your face the procedure typically takes a few hours and you'll need to allow a few weeks for the implanted follicles to take and start growing out new hairs as we've standard hair be prepared for a temporary period of increased hair loss during which that your bed might be even thinner than before that being said this is only temporary and very soon after that the effects of the new transplanted follicles will begin to show the two main drawbacks to the bed transplant or a you'll be sacrificing some hair from the back of your scalp though depending on the method used this might not be at all visible to the naked eye and B it costs quite a lot just as much as a regular hair transplant if not more.

shaving more often?

sadly this is just a myth now I remember when I was at school there was everybody said it like many of us started shaving before we really had any hair on our face and we're all hoping that with each shave the hairs would grow out coarser and denser guys and especially the young ones out there watching this I can assure you that this is not the case the hair growth magic takes place in the follicle beneath the surface of the skin the razor can't reach there or you'll accomplish by unnecessary shaving will be to irritate your skin and make things worse.

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