Today we're talking about beards if you are ready to up your game and look like you're wearing sex on your face don't you drop me if one of these be like yo al but I'm gonna wear sex on my face beards aren't grown their bill building a beard is much like raising a kid you can't just like let it go or else he's gonna start doing drugs and hanging out with that nasty Brenda beard is very similar if you don't nurture it and love it and teach it right from wrong it's gonna be running around banging like Brenda so today gentlemen in an attempt to help your beard not bang slots like Brenda I'm going over seven grooming rules all men should follow women have makeup you can take a totally less than average woman and put her in a nice set of smokey eyes maybe some lashes some red lips gentlemen some nice foundation and she goes from like a 3 to like an 8 and a half beards are the male equivalent to makeup you can take a totally average looking guy Hey so a beard on him and all of a sudden he is slaying it with the señoritas but it all starts with the first beard growing rule is:

let it grow 

let it all grow gentlemen don't shave it don't trim it don't do anything for 30 days we need to know what the potential of your follicle facial formation actually is one of the mistakes that a lot of guys make is that the let it start to grow and then they see that there are some bald spots or patchy areas and they freak out and they shave because they're so paranoid about looking patchy for me the three week mark is when I started to really notice the biggest difference like up until three weeks I was seeing a lot of holes a lot of patchiness but at three weeks it was like okay I can get used to this my beard is better than I thought it was rule number one is let it grow for four weeks with the exception of the boundaries which actually brings us to the second rule

clean up your boundaries

gentlemen you gotta clean up your boundaries cheeks and neck shave your cheek and your neck gentlemen there are a few reasons for this reason number one is that as your beard starts to grow you're going to get some like straggly like rogue airs up higher on your cheek and by eliminating it it actually makes the boundary more defined and your beard look thicker neck beards are nono for most guys in my opinion guys you got to keep the boundaries edged up and clean now the question is where are the boundaries which brings us to the third rule

natural growth pattern

in my opinion the more natural you can keep your beard Shape in terms of its natural growth pattern as opposed like engine it up and making all sorts of crazy designs the better you're gonna look and the easier it is to maintain determine where your beard should start and stop on your cheek I want you to get something straight like a comb alright you're gonna put it at the top of your ear and run it to the corner of your mouth and you're gonna shave anything above and leave anything below now let's talk about the neck which is the biggest issue that I see a lot of guys making they are trimming their neck totally raw so head straight finger boom right there you're leaving everything above shaving everything below one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see a dude and he's shaving up into this area and what happens it makes them look like he has a double chin where the best things about beards is that it has the ability to make your jaw and your chin look stronger and more structured but when you remove all the hair underneath there all that fat all that meat all that double chin action is just hanging out gentlemen say no to neck fat

invest in an amazing grooming tool

fourth beard grooming rule all men should follow is invest in an amazing grooming tool not good not okay amazing gentlemen you get what you pay for when it comes to grooming tools and if you're looking to upgrade your beards grooming tool game gentlemen you have got to hit that link down below and check out today's video sponsor Brio who happens to be the best grooming tool on the planet period drop the Brio Brio beards cape is the best grooming tool in the history of beards gentleman I did a video where I compared my previous favorite the norelco to the Brio it was unspun surd unpaid it was a side-by-side comparison to show you why the Brio kicks me out of norelco I'll link to that video down below but in a nutshell the deal is this Brio is the best product on the market period even comes close to the Brio gentleman the battery life this thing is insane the cutting power right it's ridiculous ceramic blade titanium rake you've got all sorts of micro adjustments it comes with a bunch of different attachments gentleman this thing is amazing if you've got a beard if you've got body hair going to have a beard in the future gentlemen you have got to treat yourself and your beard to the best and briault is the best eyes there's a link down below to our custom Brio beard scape landing page because I'm friends with the owner Erik of Brio I'm like you are you got to hook the gentlemen up and gentlemen he is not only hooked it up he has like it's it's I don't know how honestly I don't know how he sells this product for the price that he does but guys the Brio beard scape is cheaper than you're gonna find any of these other subpar shitty beard grooming tools that tug that break that suck gentlemen hit that link down below and go grab a Brio while supplies last guys they always sell out every single time I do a promotion they sell out like super fast because this thing is ridiculous and the price he's given it to you for insane.

moisturize and condition your beard

five beard grooming rule that all men should follow is you've gotta moisturize and condition your beard the main reason is not only to make your beard softer supple and more kissably soft when you're with your spicy senorita it is also to eliminate chin flanks in flakes gentlemen there's nothing like looking down at your shirt and having a bunch of chin dandruff on your super sexy black shirt how are you going to eliminate it really you have two different options one is a beard oil the other one is a beard balm I used to think beard oils were like total right and then I got one I started using it I'm like my god might be your softer it's shinier the way that you use it guys you get a beard oil ready one two three drops in your hand and then right here on your beard good on and when you're using it make sure to get it and work it in to the chin area because the chin is where all the dandruff flakes actually hang out now if you want something that's going to work very similar in terms of hydration but it's going to give you a little more hold a little more styling power you definitely should check out a beard balm beard balms are typically a little bit harder right you're going to take a little bit in your finger like that you're gonna put it in your palm and you are going to emulsify just like you do hair product all right once it's warm it dissolves and then you're going to also put it in your beard ,beard bombs are a little bit heavier than the oil and allow for more styling now this actually brings us to the sixth beard rule

brush your beard

you got to learn to brush your beard a borders a bristle brush is an amazing addition to your grooming and bearded Arsenal gentlemen if you're growing a beard you need one of these even if it's not going to be super long and the reason is because every day what I want you to do is start to brush your beard and train it to grow in the direction you want if you're patchy one of the greatest things you can do is actually camouflage it by brushing the longer hairs and sort of hiding the patchy bald areas now the other thing that brushing does it stimulates follicle growth which brings us to the seventh beard grooming rule that all men should follow which is

be honest with your follicle formation

your beard is super thin or super patchy gentlemen after four weeks I would recommend definitely keeping it trimmed keeping it short honest with their facial hair and they grow the best beard they possibly can now here is the other reality as you age your beard is going to get better a lot of times beard and facial hair growth is very closely tied to testosterone when I was younger patch Adams in my 20s and 30s and it wasn't until I hit my 40s that my facial hair really started to fill in a little bit so the good news is that right now if you're like yo alpha I'm pissed because my beard sucks balls give it a little time because as you age it gets better but at the end of the day sometimes it's just not in the genetic cards but word on the street is that next year clean-shaven is like the new beard so you're good

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