5 Tips to Trim your own Beard During Lockdown

what's up guys how you doing today in this video I'm gonna be helping you trim your beard during this whole Kovach lockdown quarantine whatever this I think I've said all the keywords to get demonetized whatever this situation is right now I'm gonna help you out to get this looking good I can't help you with all this stuff up here let's not make fun of my receding hairline but I can help you with the stuff down here so I'm gonna give you five easy tips to make this process of making this look good very easy to wear you can do it at home trust me it's not that hard can you see my gray hairs coming in right there becoming a real boy.

alright, first things first you're gonna kind of want to figure out what kind of beard trim you're looking for this article is gonna be about a specific kind of type of like shaping your beard if you want to take just the old number 2 yard or one guard and just buzz your whole face you don't really need my help here if you're here for that the heck out of here there's basically two types of beard trim there's gonna be the one where you take the number one guard you go around and there's gonna be the one where you shape it out like this getting something like this is not gonna happen with the old number one or number two routine okay so get that right out of your head although getting a trim to a shape like this is I'd be much harder I mean I say like this it's gonna be a little bit different when I'm done trimming but this isn't that much more difficult than doing the old buzz-buzz to the one or two.

Tip 01: assessing your situation

you can see when you're looking at your beard you see this you don't see this you don't see this you don't see this you don't see this you see in the mirror what you want to see basically you have that bet that dysmorphia whatever a lot of people have that you know you see what you want to see right in order to get a better idea of what your beard looks like take out your phone now I'm not a hundred percent sure if androids have the front-facing camera they probably don't I don't know but you take it you put it on video in selfie mode you're gonna put it in front of your face you're gonna stay looking forward you're going to take your you're going to take your arm and you're going to go around like this you're gonna switch it and go around like this maybe a few times just so you get a clear shot you can now watch this video I'll show ya you go around like this you're gonna switch it and go around like this maybe a few times so you get your first tip is just assessing that everybody's got a smartphone again sorry for the Android users they don't have the front-facing camera iphone but that's something you can look at right there and see exactly like how curved back this is how what your angle is of like this line right here on the bottom of your bird you can you can see all that stuff so I can tell from looking at that video that the back lines aren't really bad I keep them updated pretty well usually I just go in every couple days and I just kind of edge that up a little bit back there but what could definitely be worked on is the width here that I'm looking at straight on I see health like I see how fat and tell me my cheeks look and then the length can be trimmed just a tiny tiny bit.

Tip 02: beard trimmer

alright tip number two good a good beard trimmer did I talk about these all the time these are the breo's this is the old one there's an even older one that's at my studio that's been I've had for over a year now maybe two years maybe three years I spent a long time and things still kickin this is just their new black out version they said I like using it it's really cool but these are like 60 to 70 dollars on their website depending they raise the prices on Amazon but I'll link their website down below it'll be an affiliate link so I go get a commission or anything but I've been talked about these trimmers forever so and I just got this affiliate link to their website so and also be and all sort of even more clear more honest with you guys you don't need this it will help I mean as far as like beard trimming goes this is gonna make the task a lot easier more pleasurable battery's gonna last a lot much much lot longer much lot longer sorry I'm just rambling at this point but you could go to war more you can go to Target you could order like a $30 thing from online one of those Remington or norelco beard kits and it's you it could do okay right but this is like the king mack daddy of all beard trimmers when it comes to that so what I do with these is I take number one first of all I'll show you the most like easy way to make a difference in your beard that's gonna be.

Tip 03: 

tip number three is going with the grain here let me show you look at my face right now you see how wide and poofy this looks out here not I mean it's not super it's not crazy but let me show you something I'm gonna do the right side of a beard where you can't see it'll be my secret your new millet seed aside Thanks let me show you something okay now look at that right side nice and slim and trim left side ugly right this should be tip number two and that is the main move I talked about when doing like the beard trim if you can just learn how to and I'm doing it pretty ballsy with the guard all the way up and with no guard on but you can take and if you're smart you can just take and put the 3 millimeter guard on just like that and you can take and you can like push it up against your face and just go down with it like this so number one why am I going down number two what is it doing basically the reason I'm going down is if you're going up there's no way to control that what hair is getting into trimmer what's not when you're going down you're just kind of sculpting the side of your boot so you're in the short side long bottom neville longbottom look right I don't think he had a beard night movie I'm not sure but so you're taking this length off but you're leaving this length on the bottom all you're doing is narrowing it in so what's that gonna do is it's gonna make you look less fat yes I put it not that it's bad to be fat okay I got a little chub myself so I'm gonna do the left side now using the three guard the way you could do it while I talk to you about tip number three and tip number three is something I should be talked about before tip number two and that is keeping your beard product free before you trim it when you're in the shower for you're gonna want to shower before you do this that's part of tip number two as well or three technically so you want to take a shower wash your beard out and you want to use a co-wash most likely you could use a regular wash but a co-wash is gonna be a much better option as far as making your fear you're geared feel better look better and like not being completely stripped of oils what is co wash let me show you this is a beard conditioner this is what you should be using for Co what could wash this condition or wash this ever since Scott Scott supporter trims with formula I was looking around a lot of different ones and this one has been a real winner for me this Detroit beard conditioner it has a really killer ingredients I'll do like a dedicated video about this but this has been and it has a really good smell to guys it's got the pump so you can just you know pump it out and that's just kind of just in the sink but this stuff works really well and what you do is you take this and you you rub it into your beard give it a minute or two to sit in and then rinse it out right and you scrub your beard with it lots in there so it's cleaning your beard and then it's also not stripping all the natural oils out of it so when you get out if you've ever used like a regular wash and your beard or in your hair you get out and it's like dry and like bright a little almost kind of it'll feel nasty to the touch I just got out of the shower I put nothing on my beard it feels nice soft pliable like I could leave it just like this for like a couple hours without putting anything in my beard.

Tip 04:

tip number four which is gonna have to do with your neck here right a lot of guys you see with like the chin strap looking thing where let me show you they'll go up under here and like trim with their jaw line to create their beard line right let me show you what that's gonna do here's let's let's emphasize it with some cones this is your beard with just that jawline trend this is your beard with hair behind it which is this hair back here right so you see one you can see right through it like nothing the other one here it's a little hard to see through right whenever you whenever you trim with your jawline you're leaving this thin ass patch of hair down like in your beard basically so where people are looking through your beard it's much easier to look through it when you have this hair that's under your chin going down to support it behind it it's much denser looking it's like looking at a road trees versus looking at a forest right you can see right through the road trees you can't see through the forest I really don't know any other similes to compare it to besides that sorry guys but yeah just don't trim with that you've gotta want to leave that supporting hair under here right a good kind of rule of thumb is you could just go like half an inch to an inch above your Adam's apple and make that your center point and then make the apex of your jaw back here your anchor points at the back and just match that line like that that's an easy way to do it but yeah you'll see a huge improvement in a beard that way and the thing I was talking bout earlier where like you can't see the sides of your beard a lot of guys will do that that trim with the where they go at the neckline right and a lot of guys are just oblivious like I know I have a double chin under here right a lot of guys are just kind of oblivious to it so when you have that double chin and you then make that crisp jawline beard line you're you got you got beard there and then underneath you got this flap of skin right which looks really bad you don't know it but people that are looking at you seeing you from the side know it they they judge you for it so apex of the jawline apex of the jawline look straight up go straight across that should be where your line is it shouldn't be in the v-shape with your job but cut that out.

Tip 05:

tip number five as we do a little bit more touch-ups here it's going to be just take it slow and you're when you're trimming your beard a little bit you could you could get a pair of you can get a pair of scissors out and sit here and go like this and just one by one trim beard hairs if that's what it takes for you to feel comfortable doing this do that and just trim little straight trim little strays and flyaways right it can actually be kind of fun like this is kind of fun to do just trimming the little pieces just don't get carried away of course but yeah just like the old saying in Botswana or whatever you can always take more off you can't put more back on alright so take those small strokes which you know sounds bad but do small strokes and just just do a little mix in you're good when you're first starting out it's it's gonna make you feel more comfortable doing the whole beard trim just take a little bitty bits at a time you know just tiny little pieces just barely cutting it might take a little longer but what that frickin heck else do you have to do nerd you're a lock down now the beard trim is done you want to comb out make sure you got everything this is gonna kind of look give you a better picture of what the beard is gonna look like I just dip that in the conditioner you can just comb it out get underneath you can see looks great I love it right now ideally if you weren't lazy you would go take a second shower right now and rinse your face off but me I just kind of brush it off like this and call it good and I'm gonna go ahead and throw some product and this is a rebel a new product this is Holy Grail by Kingsman be your butter now you guys are used to having this holy grail oil which the reason if you're new to this channel you never heard of the Holy Grail it is an ood or / agar would scent right and if you don't know how expensive that il is and the reason I mean that this smell is insane right but this guy put it in a butter this butter is so smooth guys I mean it's like butter smooth this doesn't matter in the end really but the guy went through like I think he there's like 60 batches before he got to smooth this down to what he wanted or so I think he said 60 but I mean once you once you've melted on your hands it doesn't really matter how smooth it was it's just that initial feeling it feels really good and it just kind of it signifies a really quality product and again I'm not sponsored by this guy I think he told me to actually wait not even talk about this but I'm you know what screw it but I do have an affiliate with there he I think I don't think he's like fully stocked yet that's why he didn't want me to talk about it but this stuff will be fully stocked here sooo this is the Holy Grail beer I'll link this down below too if you've never smelled food or agar wood it's one of the craziest most distinct smells you ever smell in your life that smells crazy it's like a very a lot of clones use it you've bent into a Catholic Church it smells it's that whenever the priest is dude what's that ceremony where the priest does the smoke and the smoke ready with the chalice I know but they're burning agar wood right there I believe and it's that same smell it smells crazy i do get an affiliate commission from this i get an affiliate commission from Brio from their website now and then what else do I get it I get in a Philly with the conditioner too but to clarify sometimes people assume that there's like a branding video no these are just companies that I've chose to work with if you knew how many copies reached out to me and how many I turned down and how many I actually choose to work with you'd be surprised I'm not gonna make a couple extra hundred bucks by steering you in the wrong direction when I can make plenty of money by steering you in the right direction this holy grill these breo's are great and this conditioner is really kick-ass.

but yeah guys those are 5 tips you can use to trim your beard during the whole lockdown let's just reiterate so we make sure we could do monetize lockdown quarantine huan travel ban I don't know what else to say stock market crashes this video helped you out a little but I hope you try this out for yourself and become an expert beard trimmer it will save you a lot of time it will save you a lot of money and it will make you a more efficient man in this world okay well yeah guys as always have a great day stay bearded bye.

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