5 Reasons Guys Think They Can't Grow a Beard (And Why They're Wrong)

I'd like to grow a beard but what I'm gonna give you the five reasons that I hear all the time from guys on why they won't grow a beard stay tuned.


I've tried it I've gotten to the 30-day marker Movember No Shave November and it didn't look good so it shaved it off this happens a lot guys get to a 30-day period of time and think that's all the potential their beard has and if I'm known for anything on the beard brand channel it's the fact that you have to give your beard more than 30 days I've said it day in and day out it's a recurring mantra with me you got to give the beard more than 30 days and so I was that person I for several years would grow my beard for 30 days didn't look good shave it off try it again grow it for 30 days thinking it was going to get better it got a little better but it didn't really improve to the satisfaction I wanted shave it off so to these people who say hey you know I've given it 30 days it doesn't look good simple response give it 60 simple response give it three months do it over the winter November is a great time and have that beard over the winter it's a great time to have a beard somebody warmer on your face but at the end of that 60 or 90 days you'll get a better idea of what your beard is really going to look like and at that point you can decide whether you're going to keep the beard or not so for those people who say I just doesn't I just don't think it looks good after 30 days give it 60 give it 90 and then revisit we'll talk then.

I can't grow beard because my job

I hear this a lot Greg I'd like to grow a beard but my job now this is a this is one that has some validity in terms of jobs but when they say I'm in construction it depends on what kind of job you're in but I don't think I've met a construction guy who doesn't have a beard or I'm in food service I did a video on that there's hair nuts for that there are a lot of jobs where people think I can't have a beard like I'm in medicine doctors wear beards you wear a mask when you're in surgery that's not an issue and actually there's some research that actually says the beards can actually be safer in the medical profession so there are a lot of professions that people think you can't have a beard but in reality you can a lot of them have to do with business I can't have a beard I won't be seen as a professional and to that I just say this guy I am an architect by day YouTuber by by night but I'm an architect and I've been able to have a beard I've had it with short hair of that it was long hair but enough of short beard and a long beard and I've been able to do that and people you know a lot of people don't know that I make these videos you know often I'm able to talk about it but I have a beard and so I'm a profession where yeah you know do you see guys with beards all the time no but more and more you're able to see guys with beards.

so I would say almost every profession you can have a beard you know we had did a couple series on professions where you don't normally think of guys having a beard Pastor Ian here big beard you don't think you should he should or he could have a beard he has a beard you know with about a model on here who typically models or a lot of times clean shaved he has a beard so there are professions where you don't think you have but there's no reason you can't now there are professions where you really can't have a beard and a lot of those have to do with either law enforcement or military and in law enforcement in now in the United States I'm gonna use Philadelphia for example you can have a mustache it has to be short no more than the side of your lip so you could never have a curl and it has to be less than a quarter of an inch there are in the military clean-shaven and a lot of this has to do with I think there's a perception of respect but I think a lot of it from what I've read has to do with being able to wear a respirator so this goes with firefighters and a lot of people who might have to wear a respirator and so in the military and in fire work and and also in any kind of police work where your respirator you're not going to get the sill a seal on your face with hair on your face so there are legitimate professions where you can't wear a beard they're making more and more exceptions for religious reasons for people especially in the Philadelphia police force you're seeing more guys who are able to wear short beard because of a religious conviction those are few and forint those are few and far in between but for the most part most guys in the military or in law enforcement don't have beards but there aren't many professions where you where that is true and almost every profession you can have a beard so to the guys who say I can't have a beard because of my job I'm not buying it you know grow the beard keep it neat keep it tidy and that's that's an important thing to do this would be a case where you know my mantra has always been let your beard go for the 30 60 90 days without trimming or cutting but if you're worried about your beard looking respectable in a profession where you look around a lot a lot of guys have beards keep your cheeks lined you keep your neck neat as your beard feels it fills in a little bit that would be one way to actually gradually get into having a beard in those kind of professions but for the most part you can have a beard in almost every profession so Greg I can't have a beard because of my job you can.

Bearded Men Look Older

so you finally you grew a beard you know and you had a beard when you were young so you were a little older and when you were young you had a beard and as you've gotten older you become a smooth paste and you shave often and then you look back and you say hey I want to try it I look around and I see a lot of guys sporting beards and I'm gonna give it a try and but you would say oh my gosh my hair is gray now now I'm gonna grow a beard you know a lot of guys actually say when they grow beard they look older this happens to young guys should go beard you do look more mature it is associated with maturity with with its associated with having a little more years and it's not associated with being very young and so you can look slightly older when you have a beard when you're older and grow a beard you can look older but when you have gray hair or white hair or silver hair and you grow a beard you can definitely look older so this is one where I actually you know these guys say I'd like to grow a beard but I'm afraid I'll look old I once again point to myself and I'm like I'm like hey I'd rather look cool maybe I look a little older and I shave my beard and a lot of people say I look younger but like I don't care you know I really it's not about youth to me I you know I want to look generally my age I want to look good it's not even looking good for my age I just want to look good and I think for the most part having a beard and having facial hair on a lot of people and especially as you get older having a beard can actually remedy weakness and chin or in neck being an older man and having a beard can actually help to make you I actually think look stronger than not having the beard.

I couldn't get past the itch

so those guys who say like I'd like to have a beard but it's coming in gray grow a beard you can do it so once you grow a beard you probably the majority of guys have experienced this I'd like to grow a beard but I've heard about the or I've grown a beard for like three weeks and I couldn't get past the itch and there's a lot of reasons why you might have itch related to growing a beard some of it has to do with the hairs pushing through the skin some of it has to do and I think for the most part with what you're doing in terms of cleanliness on your face when you don't have a beard you're used to washing your face maybe once twice a day often maybe with a washcloth then you're vigorously with your hands and as you get a beard and as your beard gets longer a lot of guys will not wash as much I think it's important when your beard is coming in in those early weeks say week two or three when you start noticing some itch that you keep your beard clean I've also noticed that in my own case and I've heard this from other guys also that you must make sure that you're rinsing out all the soap all the shampoo all the beard wash and all the conditioner if you have itch in your beard so making sure that you don't have a residue of product on your skin will actually help to alleviate itch and there's things you can also do you can put aquaphor there are lotions you can put on your face and you want to make sure that there's no medical reason why you have itch but most of it has to do with just the new process of growing hair and also making sure that your skin is clean so that one is like I'd like to grow a beard but I've heard about the itch you got to just power through that because you don't hear any guy say pass one month that they have any itch related to their beard so that one is I'm gonna say man up you just get past that face you know do those remedies so that I talked about but I think you can get past that and you could do that.

your mother and all your family hate your beard

one of the reasons also and my fifth reason actually is probably the one that a lot of guys a lot of guys wrestle with I get a lot of DMS on Instagram and a lot of people send me notes saying hey you know electro beard I grow beard and I take a significant amount of flack from people at work or my family ridicules me or my mother is like having a heart attack because I have a beard and so there's a certain amount of peer pressure there's a certain amount of pressure that you might get from family members work associates from people who definitely don't have beards on to why you are growing a beard and in a lot of those cases and you know ultimately you have to be pleased with yourself you're the one who has to be happy you're the one who asked to feel that you're looking good with that beard and that you want one and so you've got to power through that I think your friends actually if they're really good friends you can actually tell them - hey silence stop this you know you're not helping I'm growing a beard just leave me alone you know in all due respect to mom it's your face you know and you might disappoint your mom but in the end it's you that has to be happy with this there's one case where I think this is touchy in a lot of situations where you are in a relationship and your spouse is not into beards and suddenly you want a beard and it might be shocking for her to see you with a beard for the first time and maybe not like the feel of it to the touch and that's something I think you can talk about in terms of negotiating your beard a lot of times I actually say with guys who are getting some you know feedback that's not positive from a spouse is to say hey let's set a goal I'm gonna try this for you know 45 days I'm gonna try growing a beard and let's see how you think about it let's see how you think it really looks and that's where you can actually start negotiating your beard or not that would be one case where I would say you know it's important to actually take into consideration a spouse you know my kids when I first grew my beard they were like hey you know dad you look 30 years older you used to look like my older brother suddenly he looked like grandpa you know and I'm like okay silence you my wife I think it's common knowledge that she wasn't crazy about me growing beard she has actually grown to like it I realized that she likes it generally shorter this is probably airing on the side of getting a little long for her but she actually respects the fact that I keep it very well groomed very clean and that you know so she's actually grown to like it but it took some negotiation but my wife is also the kind of woman who is not going to tell me what to do I'm not going to talk about your relationships with your spouses but you know I'd get some freedom to do something to my face just as she gets the freedom to do something to her hair and I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna tell her not to do something so maybe you can just work on that by to go see it negotiation.

so those are my five reasons that I hear pretty routinely from guys who say I'd like to grow a beard but so what reasons do you hear or what reasons do you give yourself there's a lot of people who are watching these videos who haven't started growing a beard yet or who are thinking about it and you might be I might have touched on one of those reasons here are there other reasons that are preventing you from growing a beard so let's erase that word but from your vocabulary and just saying I'd like to grow a beard and here it goes.

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