1 Minute Beard Grooming

hey it's Jeff here, I'm going to try to get your beard ready in about a minute okay so I just washed my beard and it's pretty damp and the first thing you want to do is grab your wide tooth comb and just comb that through nice and easy get rid of those tangles I switched to a smaller tooth comb just comb that through really easy and then you want to take your bristle brush and do a nice slow brush with one slow brush will be better than too fast just pull it through I always pull it back and down just kind of get it keep it under I face and then the trick is you want to go against the grain that your hair is growing in so you want to fluff it up and make it kind of forget where it's been and whatever has been happening during this sleep or whatever so what I do is I just kind of fluff it up a little bit make it look as stupid as possible and then the trick is goes side to side just like that and it really makes it kind of fluffy and weird but then you can pull a nice easy brush down you don't want to push in I'm not pushing into the skin it's just kind of on top of it and then last thing just shape it up put in a little bit of beard oil kind of get that over.

I don't really stress about getting it to the skin too much man that's good and then look I love beard oil so anyway just get that together you're good to go out the door solid.

alright so if there's anything else you need you want to see let me know and I'll see what I can do for it you.

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