Beard Grooming and Maintenance 101: How to Grow a Beard the Right Way

They say that the state of a person's beard reflects his personality. Growing facial hair has never been out of fashion, although we've seen a resurrection of beards over the last few years. More men are now looking for tips on how to keep their beards going, given the busy lives they're leading. Read on if you want to learn how to keep your beard going the right way.

You call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.

How to grow a proper beard

The time it takes for a beard to grow depends on the person's level of sprouting. The first few weeks could have been a bit awkward and unseemly. Co-workers might think you're just too lazy to shave. To make it clear that you intend to grow and maintain a good beard, remove the hair that grows on the "neck beard" area with a fresh blade or high-performance trimmer. In order to help you deal with itch, immature whiskers can be softened with products labeled "beard wash."

How to trim a beard

You might be the kind of person who would prefer to leave the beard trimming business to the professionals. In fact, this is the best approach. You can get your hands on trimmers and scissors, but if you have any doubts about your ability to trim the beard properly, then you can't even try it. It does not subtract from your virility.

However, if you insist on a DIY approach, start by buying the right tools. Don't settle for anything less than a pair of professional barber's scissors. If you prefer to use a beard trimmer, find a cordless and rechargeable unit. You must also have a wide-toothed beard comb and a fine-toothed mustache comb on your list of items to purchase. You can add a three-way mirror and a magnifying mirror to complete the list.

Proper trimming with a comb requires you to comb through the hair strands and cut only the outside of the comb. If you're doing this for the first time, take the precaution of cutting back just enough. The best way to get a symmetrical beard after a do - it-yourself trim is to start working from the ears to the chin. If you have a mustache, work on the mustache first, comb it down. A mustache must be trimmed from the middle, moving laterally towards the side of the mouth.

Usually, with a beard trimmer, you get a trimming guide that is removable and adjustable. This tool is quite useful, so you'll end up with an even trim. You can set it to the length you want and keep it to this measurement. If the beard has already reached the desired length, the trimmer is the preferred tool over the pair of scissors. When triming, make sure the neckline of the beard is clearly defined.

Professional beard trimmers do not trim when the hair is still wet since wet hair is longer than dry hair. You don't want to end up with a beard that's trimmed too close so you don't have to work on a wet beard.

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