Beard Care 101 : How To Maintain A Beard The Proper Way

To love your beard means to keep it clean. One of the biggest struggles for new-bearded foods is eating foods that we would normally not worry about when they're clean-shaven. Here are five ways to help your beard stay fresh and clean, even when you're eating the messiest food!

Beard making ugly men handsome since the beginning of time

Groom and Trim

Keep your mustache well-trimmed around your mouth, but if you prefer to let your mustache grow, use a nice firm 'stache wax to stick your hair together and shape your facial hair so that it doesn't hang in the way of your delicious food. You could either trim yourself with a nice pair of barber's shears every day or so, or you could visit your beard-friendly barber once a week for a touch. The bigger the beard, the more care it needs to take.

Keep it Covered

Just try a bib! Get a nice handkerchief or bandana (preferably a waterproof fabric or treatment) and tie it around your chin when you really need to keep your beard clean. It might seem funny, but if you're eating before an important meeting or a job interview, it's worth keeping that beard free of a piece of food.

There are beard shields out there, or you could make your own with some vinyl or plastic, and decorate it as you please. Or you could just use a pinch of cellophane. Any way you cut it, it's going to be a few days that you'll need to go too long to keep your beard clean — weddings, interviews, big meetings, dates, functions, etc. And always remember to go to the bathroom after a meal just to check it out and make sure you're good to go.

Tie and Tuck

You're going across the salt table, and the tip of your beard dips in your friend's food or drink. Big party foul, guys! When your beard is longer, make sure you tie it out of the way when you're going to sit down for a meal. You can clip it onto your shirt or jacket once it's tied away, or if you can, just tuck it into your necklace.

There's probably no worse beard foul than diving your beard at someone's dinner! You could tie your beard, so it's easy to throw it over your shoulder when it's needed. Clips and Clamps work wonders when you're on the go, and they're free and fluffy like your beard. An elastic headband may work well in a pinch to keep that beard close to your neck and away from your food.

Invent and Adapt

Change the eating techniques. Generally, reduce the size of your bites, invest in some tools to make your life easier, and take your time! Here are some food-type techniques.

Hamburgers, Pizza, Crumbly Sandwiches, Wings, and Other Finger-Foods: just use a knife and a fork and eat in very small bites. You might be able to get away with folding dry slices of cheese pizza, but the way to go is for any slice with a lot of toppings or oil, fork and knife. It might be sad to destroy a perfectly good burger, but if you're looking to keep looking like a mess, there's really no other choice. Wings are going to be really hard to keep going all over your beard if you eat them with your hands, so develop some surgical skills to clean up your gullet with those tiny morsels.

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate: Carry a nice, sturdy pyrex, ceramic or steel reusable straw to sip your hot drink, or invest in a mustache cup or a whisker dam to protect your precious hair from being dunked in your coffee like a donut. Portable coffee cups often have beaks, which would be perfect for your morning journey.

Ice Cream, Pudding, Applesauce: Carry or use a long spoon with a smaller scoop size, and dig into the ice cream sundae without getting all your beard sticky. Patience's the key! Savor every little bite and make sure that you don't get any caramel or gummy sauce in your beard because they're beasts to try and clean up after that.

Noodles: These floppy, floppy puppies are hard to manage with a big old beard, but not impossible! Use the Italian fork-and-spoon method. Cut off your fork of noodles by putting the tines on a spoon, and make sure the bottom of the spoon is not covered with sauce. Bring both of them to your mouth and slide the bite in. Hey, Voila! With a sufficient amount of small bites, there should be no flopping or dripping going on to gun your beard. A second option would be to cut your noodles to a bite-size length and eat them with a spoon. Better yet, replace the shapes of the noodles that are already small in size and don't flop around too much.

That way, sauce or broth is guaranteed not to spray all over your prized chin-mane.

Oil and Wash Your Beard Regularly

Beard oil is not just about making your beard smell great and feeling soft! Keeping your beard oiled means that the food particles will not stick as much, and any food particles that may get stuck will be covered by the scent of, say, the finest Cuban cigars, or the pristine alpine wilderness. Also, the habit of oiling (or using balm and wax) will keep you aware of your beard's condition throughout the day, so that you will find little invaders like crumbs or sticky spots more often. A clean beard is a good beard!

Thanks For Reading!

I hope you've enjoyed a few of our tips to help you keep that beard clean and happy.

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