5 best beard combs to buy

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So, finally, you've got the beard you want! It's the perfect length, style, and colour.

While growing your beard is hard enough, keeping it nicely groomed is part of the battle.

The beard comb is a simple and affordable solution to maintain the shape of the beard.

Beard is a responsibility because it’s a gift that is not given to everybody.

What is a beard comb and why isn’t it called just comb?

It's not that hard to understand what a beard comb really is. As the name suggests, this is a comb for facial hair and, more specifically, for beards.

Sometimes the definition of beard may include mustache combs. These can have a similar shape to beard combs, even though they come in smaller sizes. More often than not, come with a small handle that offers higher precision for your handlebar mustache.

Now, beard combs come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Beard Comb?

Using a quality beard comb can make a difference between a rough, rough beard and a nicely groomed, soft beard. Some of the benefits of using beard combs include:

  • Combing your beard every day will ensure your hair grows in the right direction, eliminating ingrown hairs. This also helps grow a beard faster and in a healthier manner.

  • Beard combs give you the look you want. Combing your facial hair helps you style your beard any way that you want. It also trains your hair to grow in a certain direction.

Top 5 Beard Combs

Kent Men’s Handmade Comb

This brand is well known and associated with quality products. Kent was established in 1777 and has been producing high quality beard brushes and combs ever since.

This handmade comb comes in a set of 3 and the price is very low for a total of 3 comb. It does not damage the hair and stimulates the natural oils inside the hair cuticles as the hair is combed.

Beardoholic Beard Comb

This is one of the best beard combs you'll ever encounter. With a five-star rating, consumers have found this comb to be ideal for all beard styles.

It has a long life span, is anti-static, and detangles your hair. It has a great grip and is extremely easy to control.

Huntsman Beard Comb

This comb is double-sided, making it very versatile. Both sides have different sizes of teeth to increase efficiency when styling or maintaining your beard.

Unlike many other beard combs, this one can be used on your head hair if you like. The consumer's favorite quality is that this beard comb can handle thick hair and lasts a lifetime!

Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb

It's no secret that Zeus Beard is a popular name for beard growers. They spoil all beardsmen with their high quality beard care products, and this beard comb is no different.

This combo is made of natural horn and, as we have already discussed, this is one of the top materials you can use in the manufacture of combs.

Overall, this is a great beard comb you can get at this price level that is made of high quality, natural horn. You might be paying a little more than a plastic comb, but unless you lose it, this comb is for life.

Folding Wood Comb by Striking Viking

Treat yourself to this long-lasting, sandalwood beard comb. It's very durable, and customers love the "earthly" smell.

Unlike plastic combs, you're not going to experience any static electricity, giving your beard a neat, clean look.

Comb’s material


Wooden beard combs are pretty popular with guys who grow their beard as they look pretty rough and cool.

One of the main reasons why you should choose a wooden comb over a plastic one is that it doesn't produce static and price-wise, it's not as expensive as metal or horn.

And if you're interested in animal cruelty, these beard combs are perfect for you.

Although they're pretty solid, wooden brushes aren't as smooth as horn or cellulose acetate, and they have some limitations when it comes to cleaning.

More specifically, wood combs usually do not behave well with moisture, and most of them should not be washed with water. This may restrict you from using it often right after applying a styling product to your beard. Styling makes the comb dirty as soon as the dust is stuck on it, and this makes washing a necessity.

So keep this in mind when you choose a good beard comb made of wood.


Beard combs made of horn are considered great for beards.

Surprised, huh? Let's see why this is so.

First of all, it's very smooth and it doesn't damage your hair. In addition, the material they are made of can last for many years and is almost impossible to break. Unless, again, you try hard to break them.

Horn beard combs don't produce statics, and they promise a great combing experience out of the box.

One thing that could break the deal is that the horn combs are not vegan, and the most important thing is that the animals die in the process. So if you're looking for a cruelty-free beard comb, you might need to look at the other options.


As already discussed, you might want to skip looking at plastic as it's hard to know if it's actually good until you try it out.

From my experience, you can't trust cheap plastic combs with your beard or your hair. Just invest in a few more dollars and get one that leaves your beard unharmed.

Cellulose Acetate:

Although they look like plastic, in fact, these beard combs are among the best beard combs you can buy at a fair price. If they're handmade and sawed, they can be as good as horn combs, and they don't produce statics either.

Of course, they don't have the same durability as horn combs, but in terms of smoothness, performance and quality of teeth, these two types can be quite similar.


Finally, we've got the metal combs. I haven't found a lot of good metal combs. They produce statics that could be a bit annoying when it comes to your morning beard grooming routine while you're struggling to tame the beast.

However, they are excellent in terms of durability, and if the comb is good, you should expect a good combing performance.

They are also highly recommended to be carried as pocket combs. You can sit on them without worrying too much about breaking them down.

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